Clinical Studies and Research Report on DNA/RNA Repair, Nucleotides, Amino acid, Beta Glucans and Fulvic Minerals

Feel free to study many of the additional reports and studies that can be found in PubMed and other European Journals.  There are so many more that talk about Nucleotides and immune system.  I am sure that there will be many more.  Today, the value of nucleotides is such that it is being put into baby’s formulas. 

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We have learned that if we give the body the nutrients it needs, the body will have a stronger immune system and perhaps avoid sickness and disease.  Also, if the body is weak and/or sick, the studies have shown that the body can regain health with proper supplementation of the nutrients it needs to build the immune system and fight the problem. 

We hope that the information provided is of value to you.

Many Experts around the globe realize that the miracle of the body and its ability to heal itself might be the best way to regain or improve your health.  Many of the illnesses of today and yesterday are a result of our lifestyle, environment, the food we eat, stress and what we drink.

All studies we have seen have shown significant results and improvements.  The word “significant” is actually used in many of the studies in their conclusions. 

This book is an assembly of some of very important studies, reports and research papers  that were funded and supported by various governments, the World Health Organization, leading scientists and doctors all interested in changing the lives and health of the general population.  It is not intended to make any statements about cure or treatment but instead, just to give the reader an idea about some of the incredible natural healing opportunities that the body has as well as nutrients and what you can do to support the body function and structure. Type your paragraph here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. No claims of cure, diagnosis, substitute for medicine, surgery or even prevention of diseases are implied. Always consult your physician for any medical condition.