Clinical Studies and Research Report on DNA/RNA Repair, Nucleotides, Amino acid, Beta Glucans and Fulvic Minerals

Interview of Ales Macela

Imuregen is very complex component as a dietary supplement and it is actually complex, which enormously potentiates...

Interview of Evzen Weigl

Imuregen is perceived as immunomodulator with a relatively larg

 potential. So I include it in the range of those resources...

Interview of Ilja Trebichovsky

Imuregen is a product which contains a very important

immunomodulatory agents...

Doctors Interview About Imuregen

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Interview of Bohumil Turek

I'll talk about Imuregen as a food supplement. A dietary supplement

must always have a certain principle...

Interview of Dagmar Sližová

Well I must say that I came across Imuregen many years ago, because

it is old Czech patent, absolutely amazing, but I started working...